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When a separation is good for marriage

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When a separation is good for marriage Empty When a separation is good for marriage

Post by heavensangel_force on Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:14 pm

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Separation is good for marriage when you and your husband find that spending too much time together is the reason for your disagreements. In every relationship, individuals sometimes become co-dependent on each other. They lose their identities and adopt their partner's instead. This makes each person feel as though they can't stand on his or her own two feet. One spouse must always be with the other because they are no one if alone. While this may sound like how a happy couple should be, it's not. People who don't have their own identity can begin to resent their partner, which could create major issues in the relationship. Time apart can help people reclaim their identities so that when they decide to reunite they both have their own mind and spirit to contribute to the relationship.

Another time that separation is good for marriage is when one of the partners has cheated on the other. Time apart can help the betrayed spouse collect his or her thoughts and decide what to do. Being around the unfaithful spouse can make the betrayed party even more upset and resentful, which is counterproductive to repairing the marriage, if the betrayed person chooses to do so.

If you ask some people who are in a long-distance relationship with their Significant Other, you will hear some say that it adds fuel to their relationship. It rekindles passion and as the old saying goes, "…makes the heart grow fonder." While you don't have to move far away from your spouse to rekindle the same feelings, it is a good idea to separate sometimes to spark some passion. A simple vacation apart or a visit to family can be enough to allow each of you to miss and long for each other again – something you've probably not felt since before marriage.
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