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Politically correct ways to describe men's faults

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Politically correct ways to describe men's faults

Post by heavensangel_force on Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:55 am

First topic message reminder:

He does not have a beer gut.
He has developed a liquid grain storage facility
He is not a bad dancer.
He is overly caucasian.
He does not get lost all the time.
He investigate alternative destination.
He is not balding.
He is in follicle regression.
He is not a cradle robber.
He prefers generationally differencial relationship.
He does not get falling down drunk.
He becomes accidentally horizontal.
He does not act like a total ass. .
He is not a sex machine.
He is romantically automated.
He has swine emphaty.
He is not afraid of commitment.
He is monogamously challenged..
He does not undress you with his eyes
He has an introspectiveE graphic moment.

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