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Meanings of gemstones

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Meanings of gemstones Empty Meanings of gemstones

Post by heavensangel_force on Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:31 am

Agate - Endows the wearer with calmness, courage, eloquence, health, longevity, virtue, and wealth

Amethyst - Symbolizes deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth

Aquamarine - Believed to ensure continual happiness and constancy in love; symbolizes health, hope and youth

Beryl - Symbolizes everlasting youth, happiness and hope

Bloodstone - Believed to endow courage, wisdom, and vitality; symbolizes audaciousness, brilliance, courage, generosity and health

Carbunkle - Symbolizes constancy, energy, self-confidence, and strength

Carmelian - Symbolizes courage, joy, friendship, and peace; believed to disperse evil thought and sorrow

Cat's Eye - Symbolizes long life and platonic love; believed to warn its owner of approaching danger

Chrysoberyl - Symbolizes patience in sorrow

Chrysolite - Symbolizes disappointed love and wisdom

Coral - Symbolizes attachment; believed to me an amulet against natural disasters, disease, bad luck and jealous friends

Crystal - Symbolizes purity and simplicity

Diamond - Symbolizes brilliance, constancy, excellence, innocence, invulnerable faith, joy, life, love, and purity

Emerald - Symbolizes spring, rebirth, hope, peace, and tranquility; believed to endow its wearer with an accommodating and pleasing disposition

Garnet - Symbolizes constancy, faith, loyalty, and strength; believed to endow its wearer with cheerfulness and sincerity
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