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The "Kunyang" after the Hostage Drama

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The  "Kunyang" after the Hostage Drama Empty The "Kunyang" after the Hostage Drama

Post by jasse_20_force on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:58 am

"Kunyang" it means a helper,what happen now a filipina maid after the hostage drama.Some of filipina maid their terminated because of the scenario,some employment agencies cancelled their hiring filipino.A chinese sh0uted"we employ them in our homes and they murder us in their homes".Employers have been so reasonable in understanding that it was an individual mistake.And because of that incident too the goverment here frozen the minimum wage at Hk$3,580 a month.however the mininum food allowance raised fromHK $740 a month.So were very dissapointed,we are expecting of an increase.Will the damage which has been inflicted by the Philippine Government and PNP'S,incompetence to some chinese people soon cool down? The question is when!
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